What to Expect

What to Expect

Sabbath School

Each Saturday we meet at 9.30am in our church for “Sabbath School.” This is a discussion bible study time that goes for about 1hr each week. During this time, those attending will form small groups to discuss a bible lesson for the week. We have a number of groups which a suitable for people of all levels of bible knowledge. If you are unsure of which group to join, our welcoming team at the door would be happy to help you find a group that’s perfect for you. If you would like to have an idea of what will be discussed in these groups, we encourage you to watch the latest episode of Hope Sabbath School online or on Hope Channel NZ (Freeview 27 | Sky 204).

We also have a number of groups for children of all ages. This will give your children an opportunity to make new friends, and learn about God in a way that is appropriate for their age level. This is also a great opportunity for you to meet other families in the church!

Divine Service

Our main worship service is the “Divine Service.” This service begins at 11:00am every Saturday. This service consists of various things from singing, prayer, tithes and offerings, children’s stories, special items and a sermon each week. The finishing time for our main worship service will often depend on how long the pastor has preached each week, however we aim to finish between 12:00 to 12:15pm each week.

Once every 3 months we also have a special service called “Communion.” This is modeled after The Lord’s Supper, the last meal that Jesus ate with his disciples before his death on the cross. The service begins with a foot washing, where we wash each others feet. This is representative of our willingness to humble ourselves and serve each other, in the same way that Jesus served his disciples (John 13:1-17).  We also eat bread and drink grape juice, which are symbols of the body and blood of Jesus. This service is open to all believing Christians, and we are happy to answer any questions you have. The Lord’s Supper symbolizes our acceptance of the body and blood of Jesus, spilled and broken for us. By searching our hearts and washing one another’s feet, we remember Jesus’ humble example of service.

What should I wear?

We believe that Jesus invites us to join him just as we are. However we also believe that out of respect and love for God, we should wear the best clothes that we have available to us. If you aren’t sure what to wear, we recommend wearing your favourite tidy clothes, and joining us just as you are.

Children’s Room

We know that many young children find it difficult to sit still and concentrate during a church service. We have a special room available to parents of young children, to look after their child. There is a TV connected with sound so that you can still watch and hear the church service each week. Please talk to one of the greeters at the door if you would like to learn where this room is located.